Association of Welfare in Anthropology and Rural Development (AWARD) Trust is a grass root community development organization. It has been working for the empowerment of women, men and children among the most marginalized of the marginalized communities in Kodaikanal, Palani and Thoppampatti Blocks in Dindigul District, Tamilnadu , India .

It currently operates in 25 villages and 45 hamlets, covering a total population of 15,800 inhabitants, including 1,900 specifically targeted.

Our Motto

To ensure sustainable development of women,
men and children among the most marginalized of
the marginalized Communities like Tribes,Dalith and
gypsies, so that they might lead truly decent and
dignified life.


•To sensitize the communities to participate and contribute themselves to form community based organization among Women, farmers and Youth.

•To initiate quality education to all children by providing life oriented education.

•To identify excluded (children with Disabilities) and out of school children and bring them under the fold of education.

•To create accessibility of education for all children.

•To integrate education and community empowerment through sensitization and skill training.

•To provide environmental awareness to the communities and help foster communal harmony.

Donate Us

Award Trust runs a School for the Mentally Retarded
children at Palani, which is recognized by the
Government of Tamil Nadu. All the needs including food
and tuition fees for the mentally retarded children
are met only through the donations from sponsors.

Also we remain oncentrating in uplifting the Most
Marginalised in the Marginalised Community. All
the programs should reach in the forest areas tribals
and lot more. We are raising funds mainly through

Kindly be liberal in donating to sponsor a child to meet
the cost of his/her education & teacher's salary
per year.



A Homage to Melinda Tims (1957-2015)

Any humanitarian organization in any part of the world needs to rely on all kinds of supports to be able to help people in dire situations.

Melinda Tims was one of these indispensable supports. Acting as Vice-President and Secretary of a small structure based in Poitiers , France she spent most of her available time until her death, working with local NGO's in South India, Vietnam , Latin America and Black Africa, with remarkable efficiency and total commitment. (She showed the same enthusiasm as Maître de Conférences at the University of Tours , sharing her humanitarian awareness with her students).

Mélinda left us on August, 29 th of this year. She has given us one of the most wonderful examples of commitment, generosity, competence, friendship we have ever known. She has proven that whoever we are, whatever our situation, we can significantly contribute to help the downtrodden that when there is a strong will there is definitely a way.

The Organization
  • AWARD has been formed by like minded social workers having quest for developmental work and registered in the year 2003 under Tamilnadu Trust Registration Act.
  • It has 12 A Income Tax Registration number, 80 G Tax exemption, FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) Registration.
  • It is registered under section 52 of the PWD (Person with Disability) Act and also has National Trust Registration.
  • We are currently a growing organization and hope that you all will recognize and support our efforts. We always welcome your generosity and volunteerism.

Join Volunteers program

We welcome international
volunteers to serve for
Disabled and Mentally
Retarded Children
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